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Community Support Scheme Awards £6,000 to Local Groups

Community Support Scheme Awards £6,000 to Local Groups

Around £6,000 has been awarded to 15 local groups in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire from our Community Support Scheme.

The scheme, which is a programme established by the Society to provide financial contributions to community groups, meets twice a year to assess applications and decide on the level of support available.

Sports clubs, youth groups, volunteer and charity organisations have all benefitted from cash awards of between £200 and £780 after our panel met to assess applications in June.

The panel, comprised of our Chief Executive, our Product and Marketing Manager and two independent members of the Society, considered a range of applications before deciding the current awards. The sum gifted so far represents the first set of awards for 2015.

With further budget available for the Community Support Scheme this year, there will be more awards available in November when the panel will meet again.

Product and Marketing Manager, Mike Taylor, commented that he is thrilled to see the money put to good use this year and is keen for more applications.

“It’s fantastic to see the real benefits that the Community Support Scheme delivers to local people. Not only will we be helping to provide equipment for sports and social groups, we’re supporting volunteers and charities improve their service and purchase items that will lead to sustainable benefits for the future. Amongst other items, this year we have helped fund the purchase of a lawn mower and a defibrillator!

As a mutual building society, this scheme is part of our ongoing commitment to the communities that we serve. With additional money available to be awarded in November, we’d like to encourage more groups from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to contact us and apply.” 

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Date printed: 26 March, 2019 19:37

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