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Mansfield Building Society bridges the gap with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Mansfield Building Society bridges the gap with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Our Community Support Scheme has donated £500 to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust to complete a bridge in the garden of the visitor centre at Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Attenborough Nature Reserve is the largest conservation area run by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. It was opened in 1966 by Sir David Attenborough and now attracts over half a million visitors each year who come to see the flourishing variety of wildlife including otters, voles and birds of prey.

The nature reserve also provides education for individuals and groups to explain the importance of the conservation of wildlife in the UK. As part of this a group of volunteers have worked hard to restore a garden at the visitor centre by improving footpaths, planting flowers and repairing the wildlife pond to enrich the educational area. To support the project our donation of £500 assisted with the completion of the Willow Peninsular Bridge in the garden.

Angelena Efstathiou, Fundraising Assistant at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust said ‘We rely on a number of dedicated volunteers to assist with running the reserve and without them, much of what we have achieved here would not have been possible. That said, charitable donations from local organisations like The Mansfield make a huge difference in funding equipment to maintain and improve the reserve so that more people can enjoy it’.

Richard Crisp, Commercial Development Executive at the Society visited the reserve and commented ‘I remember passing the area on my way to work many years ago when it was just marshland. It’s amazing to see how much has changed since then. Attenborough Nature Reserve is a beautiful place to visit, experience wildlife and learn about the importance of maintaining our natural environment as a home for animals. We are delighted to support the completion of a bridge in the garden because we know it will help people get closer to nature for many years to come’.

The donation was made through our Community Support Scheme which funds local groups and organisations in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. An application form can be found here.

Picture: The Mansfield’s Commercial Development Executive Richard Crisp with Angela Efstathiou, Fundraising Assistant at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust on Willow Peninsular Bridge funded by Mansfield Building Society’s Community Support Scheme                  

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Date printed: 24 April, 2019 14:59

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