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More Dance Classes for Meadows Dance and Social Group

More Dance Classes for Meadows Dance and Social Group

We're delighted to announce the award of £492 to Meadows Dance & Social Group to cover the costs of six 2 hour dance sessions as part of our Community Support Scheme.

Meadows Dance & Social Group are a small group of elderly people who meet up weekly for 2 hours dancing and socialising in the Meadows area of Nottingham.

Ann Culley who runs the group said: “We rely solely on grants to keep us in existence. It is important that elderly people get the chance to go out during the day as some are reluctant to leave their homes in the evenings. Our members really look forward to these weekly classes.”

Business Development Manager, Stuart Bryce said “We are glad to help. These types of clubs are important networks for elderly people in our local community and provide enjoyment and health benefits through regular exercise and socialising.” 

Picture caption: Business Development Manager, Stuart Bryce with members of the Meadows Dance & Social Group.

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Date printed: 26 March, 2019 19:33

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