The Mansfield Building Society
The Mansfield Goes from Strength to Strength

The Mansfield Goes from Strength to Strength

The Mansfield Building Society held its 145th AGM on 23rd April and reported a combination of strong results for 2014 and also a further step in the support it provides for local communities. 

Some of The Mansfield’s key highlights for 2014:

  • Profit after tax and levies rose to £1.3 million (up from £0.8m)
  • Awarded “Highly Commended” in Best Local Building Society Awards by Mortgage Finance Gazette
  • Increased donations to £20,000 to support 44 local community organisations via Community Support Scheme Awards
  • Launched a number of exclusive products available only to local or existing customers
  • Scored 95%+ positive feedback from customers about products and service

At the AGM members voted overwhelmingly in favour of all resolutions and The Society would like to thank all the members who took the time to vote this year.

Gev Lynott, Chief Executive of The Mansfield commented, “This has been another strong performance for the Society. Aside from the strong financial results, I am delighted that we have been able to provide a number of exclusive products for both local and existing customers alike.

This has been backed up by excellent personal service for which we consistently receive positive comments from both customers and our intermediary partners. All our mortgages are manually underwritten which means that we are able to cater for individual circumstances.

The increase in Community Support donations to £20,000 reflects that The Society is run for the benefit of members and the local community, not external shareholders and we remain committed to staying independent, local and successful”.

Picture cation: Gev Lynott, Chief Executive, The Mansfield Building Society

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Date printed: 26 March, 2019 19:33

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