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The Mansfield helps fund Life Education Classes

The Mansfield helps fund Life Education Classes

Life Education Centre, Nottinghamshire, who run an interactive mobile classroom to local schools has received an award of £257 from our Community Support Scheme.  

The funds will be used towards the cost of Educators who deliver a range of educational techniques and strategies designed to increase a child’s sense of personal self worth, encourage positive attitudes towards themselves and their health, and recognise the risks associated with drugs, including medicines, tobacco and alcohol. 

Bill Banner from Life Education said: “We are grateful to The Mansfield for donating these funds.  The classes are to teach children how their bodies work and what it means to lead a healthier life, e.g. discovering the effects of food, exercise, medicines, drugs and alcohol.”

Branch Supervisor, Carole Dallison, who presented the award said “We are very pleased to help. This additional education will enable the children to build the skills to help them make healthy choices and avoid risky options when they are presented with them.” 

Picture shows Branch Supervisor, Carole Dallison with the children of Butler Hill Infants School, Hucknall and the Life Education Centre

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Date printed: 24 April, 2019 15:00

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