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The Mansfield Scores Highly on Broker Service Levels

The Mansfield Scores Highly on Broker Service Levels

In a recent survey of Intermediaries who had mortgages complete with us in 2014, 75% of respondents rated our service as ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’.

Our friendly, helpful and professional staff came out as the top service performers in the survey with 100% of respondents saying that staff service was either Good or Very Good. In another boost, 90% of respondents rated our initial enquiry handling as Good or Very Good too.

Not all areas of service received such high praise though, with our online systems only attracting 38% of respondents that rated the service as Good or Very Good. 

The survey also asked what current challenges brokers were experiencing with all lenders.

The biggest current challenge appears to be affordability assessments, with 32% of respondents stating this issue. The next biggest challenge was automated credit scoring systems with 26.5% of brokers choosing this option whilst a further 20.6% chose mortgage lending criteria.

The response from brokers about lenders service indicates a continued need for individual underwriting, which we, along with other regional building societies, offer. In fact, when asked why brokers chose us, over half of the reasons given were related to criteria needs and an individual approach to underwriting.

Stuart Bryce, Business Development Manager for The Mansfield (pictured) said, “We’re grateful to the brokers who have given their views because it has given us a great deal of insight into what is important to them and how we can improve our service.

It’s pleasing to see that our personal service and individual approach to underwriting continues to be highly valued. We have launched a new website in February 2015 and will use the feedback to help support further online systems improvements as we head through the year.”

The confidential survey was conducted by email and invited all mortgage brokers to express their views on our service. There was no incentive to complete the survey and 20% of the total invited audience responded.

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Date printed: 26 March, 2019 19:33

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