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Lending into Retirement

At Mansfield Building Society we offer residential mortgage lending into retirement.

In assessing affordability, we will use 100% of the gross pension income for our calculations. Joint borrowers will be assessed based on you being individually able to support the mortgage.

We apply our age-related retirement criteria against our range of residential mortgages, although some of our features are dependent upon age and product availability. These are identified in the table below:


Residential Mortgage Age Related Criteria

  Mortgage Repaid Before Age 70 Mortgage Repaid Between Age 70 and Before Age 80 Mortgage Repaid Between Age 80 and Before Age 85
Maximum LTV 95% 60% 60%
Maximum mortgage term (years) 35 35 35
Minimum mortgage term (years) 5 5 5
Acceptable repayment methods Capital repayment and interest only. Interest only element must not exceed 75% LTV. Part capital repayment/part interest only available. Capital repayment and interest only. Part capital repayment/part interest only available. Capital repayment
Property downsizing considered for interest only, subject to minimum £150,000 equity Yes Yes (on specified products only subject to maximum 40% LTV) No

You can compare our mortgages online or speak to a qualified mortgage adviser who will be able to talk through your circumstances in more detail.

For those looking to borrow into retirement there is a lot to consider. The Building Societies Association have produced a helpful guide for older borrowers giving more information on the types of options available. 



At The Mansfield Building Society we offer residential mortgage borrowing into retirement.

Our standard residential products allow the loan to be repaid before the oldest applicant reaches the age of 70, subject to a maximum repayment term of 35 years.

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Date printed: 23 October, 2018 02:12

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