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5 Year Fixed Rate House Purchase Only - DIX211 - over 95% and up to 97.5% LTV

Mortgage Product Term Initial Rate1 Overall Cost for Comparison2 Max LTV3 Early Repayment Charge Product Fees
5 Year Fixed Rate House Purchase Only - DIX211 5 years 4.75% 5.6% APRC over 95% and up to 97.5% 3% £199 application fee, no completion fee

Representative Example

A mortgage of £146,250 payable over 35 years initially on a fixed rate of 4.75% for 5 years and then on our current standard variable rate of 5.75% for the remaining 30 years would require 59 monthly payments of £715.62 and 360 monthly payments of £801.50 plus one initial interest payment of £399.68. 

The total amount payable would be £331,790.26 made up of the loan amount, plus interest and fee(s) totalling £185,540.26. This includes Application Fee (£199), Legal Fees (£255), Chaps Fee (£25) and Redemption Administration Fee (£150).

The overall cost for comparison is 5.6% APRC representative.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

Mortgage Product Features

  • Available exclusively direct from us for first time house purchase only
  • Only available for properties purchased within the Mansfield District Council (MDC) boundary - postcode restrictions apply
  • Minimum loan size £126,750, maximum loan size £165,750
  • Free basic valuation
  • No completion fee
  • Capital repayment only
  • An early repayment charge of 3% of the agreed advance including any fees added will apply if the mortgage is redeemed at any time during the first 5 years


  • The scheme is only available for first-time buyers who are currently living in a private rented property. The scheme is not available for council or housing association tenants, including those who are exercising a Right to Buy or Right to Acquire.
  • Exclusively available for first time house purchases on properties within the boundary of Mansfield District Council (postcode restrictions apply) with a property value between £130,000 and £170,000.
  • The mortgage must be 97.5% loan to value and borrowers must provide a minimum deposit of 2.5% of the property value.
  • Mansfield District Council will provide up to 50% of the deposit required up to a maximum of £4,250 in the form of an indemnity to the Mansfield Building Society.
  • There are restrictions that apply to the property size in relation to the number of occupants in the household. A single person or a couple with no children can use the scheme to purchase a property with 1 or 2 bedrooms, a single person or a couple with one child can use the scheme to purchase a property with 2 bedrooms and a single person or a couple with 2 or more children can use the scheme to purchase a property with 2 or 3 bedrooms. 
  • The Scheme is not available to anyone with a current debt owed to the Council.
  • In addition, an interest free unsecured loan of up to 1.5% of the property value is available from Mansfield District Council to cover associated moving costs once the purchase has been completed. Repayments are made in 72 equal instalments starting one month after the loan is advanced. This additional loan is not connected to the Mansfield Building Society mortgage and is the sole responsibility of Mansfield District Council.


Unless otherwise stated, our mortgage products are available for house purchase or remortgage. All our mortgage products are subject to availability and can be withdrawn at any time. 

All mortgage applications are manually underwritten by our experienced underwriters and are subject to a full assessment against our lending criteria.

It is important that you take time to read and understand the mortgage product features detailed above, and the information about our Residential or Buy to Let mortgages detailed in the General Information Guides available from the links below.

Residential Mortgage Guide Buy to Let Mortgage Guide

How to Apply

All of the mortgages shown are available direct from us via our qualified sales team, please call on the number above, request a call back, or submit a detailed contact request to find out more. 

To get an indication of whether this mortgage is right for you, you can use our repayment calculator to see what the potential monthly repayments might be.

Contact Us Repayment Calculator


1 The Initial Rate is the rate available during the initial term of the mortgage. Once the initial rate term has expired, the mortgage will revert to our Standard Variable Rate (SVR).

Our SVR is set by us and is currently 5.75%, as a variable rate it may go up or down.

2 The Overall Cost for Comparison is given as the Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APRC) and includes all charges incurred relating to the mortgage. The APRC is intended to help you as a borrower compare the interest rates on different products.

3 Like all other mortgage lenders, we will allow you to borrow against a proportion of the overall property value. This is known as Loan to Value (LTV) and is expressed as a percentage. For example, if you want to purchase a property at £100,000 and you would like to borrow £85,000, then you will need a mortgage available at 85% Loan to Value (LTV). The available LTV can vary depending upon the type of mortgage.

Shared Ownership mortgages will offer two percentages under LTV - the proportion of the property value and the proportion of the share being purchased.

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