Mortgages >

We offer a range of mortgage types to suit a variety of needs, whether it's house purchase, remortgage or Buy to Let. You can compare the rates and fees between our different mortgage products.

Savings >

With a range of accounts available, we’re a good place to help your savings grow. You'll be able to compare the interest rates, withdrawal and access arrangements to our savings products.

About Us >

We've been a mutual building society since 1870, serving the needs of our customers. Meet the team, see customer feedback, find out about our history and how we operate.


Financial Planning >

Receive tailored investment and financial planning advice in partnership with independent financial advisers RA Cowens and Partners or will writing support with Keeble Hawson.




Insurance >

You don’t need a mortgage or savings account with us to purchase our insurance. We have partnerships with Heath Lambert Insurance Services and Legal and General.




In The Community >

As a mutual building society, we're active in the local community. See whether your group could qualify for a Community Support Scheme award or get our staff to help through Work in the Community.